We Are Moving On Up!!!

I am beyond excited to announce that Escalate is expanding and moving!

Check out this page for new photos!  Construction Photos

I don’t have the exact date yet but it will be sometime in the beginning of 2015!! While I love the space we are in, it is time to move into a bigger space so we have more room to dance, sing and act! Our current space is approximately 2500 square feet and our new space is 6500 square feet!!

We are not moving very far away, it is less than two miles from the studio off of 81, two doors down from Yellow Tree Theatre!

Please check on this website frequently for updates and pictures!  As you can see from the pictures, construction is underway!

Here is a little more information about the new space!!

How far away is it?

Less than 2 miles away! Our new address will be: 312 5th Ave SE, Osseo, MN 55369.

Why are we moving?

We need more space to dance and to gather. While we love and will dearly miss this space that we have been in for over 10 years, we all know it is time to have a little bit more wiggle room. This new building will provide just that!

What will be staying the same?

  • Our class schedule will be staying the same. No classes will be rearranged, moved to new times, or new days. You will see, however, classes added as we grow. (Like swing, salsa, ballroom and more theatre!) Your commitment to the year will not change unless you decide it can.
  • Our atmosphere will be staying the same. We will still know your name when you walk in the door. We will still ask you how your dog is doing and if you’ve picked out a new car yet. We will still want you to come in and say hi (and you’ll have more room to do it!)
  • Our tuition will be staying the same. Prices for this season will not be raised. You will still be getting exceptional dance training for an incredibly reasonable price!

What will be changing?

  • Our studio sizes will be changing. The largest studio that we currently have is smaller than the smallest studio in our new space! This will bring incredible new opportunities for our long-legged dancers and very busy little ones. We can’t wait to have room to rehearse production numbers, competition pieces, and large group works in a space that can actually work with us!
  • Our lobby will be changing. We are adding work stations for students to do homework, eat a healthy meal or gather and bond. This will also provide a wonderful space for families to wait inside (come in from your cold car!)
  • The number of studios will be changing. We will now have 4 studios instead of 3. They are all giant but the 4th studio is HUGE! Call it a ballroom, call it a black box, call it whatever you would like, but we are calling it awesome.

I can’t wait to show everyone the new studio!! Looking forward to many more years with all the wonderful Escalate families!! Thank you!!

Ann Marie